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ChatNet: You never know who you're gonna meet.
Welcome Adult Webmaster! Ever dreamed of adding live chat to your adult site, but couldn't afford the outrageous license fees, the dedicated server, or found the software offerings lacking in quality? Dream no more, because SexTracker has brought you what you want most.


We find that most adult surfers take time to find the sites they enjoy and bookmark those sites that offer the most comprehensive services. We have found that we draw back many surfers to our websites for the sole reason that we offer free live chat.

When you put the SexTracker Chat Network Java Client on your site, your site gets its own channel, as well as access to hundreds more. Your Java-impaired websurfers won't have to miss out, either. The SexTracker Chat Network is accessible via any standard IRC client, including mIRC for Windows and Ircle for MacOS by connecting to port 6667.

Putting live chat on your site couldn't be easier! Get the HTML code by selecting the style you want below and you're ready to go! Just click on the image to the right, and your surfers are 2 minutes away from chatting up a storm!

Only for Free, Only from the SexTracker!


All styles and sorts of surfers and/or webmasters will be attracted to this clean and efficient chat. With more than 10 channels in this chat configuration, you'll always have room for the surfer looking for a new friend.


Attract fetish, exotic and kinky surfers again and again to your ultra kinky chat room! More than 15 channels of sin await your surfers' first (and return) visit. Don't let them find it anywhere else!


Attract your gay surfers to this steamy romp room; they'll come back again and again! Nortoriously lewd, kinky and alive with gay surfers looking for anonymous cybersex, this chat channel offers nothing like they've ever seen before!


A hot orgy is always going on in the rooms on this ChatNet JavaIRC. Attract all sorts of surfers, and KEEP them coming to your site! This particular style of ChatNet appeals to the widest range of cybersex surfer. Show them a good time, and they'll come back for more!


This is truly the place to come to meet with friends, new and old, to see what's going on. You'll attract a very large community of followers to your site! This is a more mature chat channel, with topics from automobiles to sports, you'll please your more "sophisticated" users with this chat channel!

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